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Dr. Morton Amsterdam's Vision

Over 60 years ago, a young rising star in the world of dentistry, Dr. Morton Amsterdam, opened his first private practice in Philadelphia. Amsterdam Dental Group quickly became a city institution: a dental practice known for performing advanced procedures that other dentists couldn't or wouldn't. Dr. Amsterdam's practice began attracting patients from all over the world. Soon, he was invited to join the faculties at both Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Forging Ahead

As he accumulated more accolades, including honorary degrees from universities in the U.S. and around the world, Dr. Amsterdam continued his groundbreaking research. In 1974, he published a landmark paper on the art and science of Periodontal Prosthesis, a field of advanced restorative dentistry. This one paper fundamentally changed the course of modern dentistry, and went on to directly impact and influence thousands of students from around the world.

Honoring Traditions

Today, all of the doctors who practice at Amsterdam Dental Group trained directly under Dr. Amsterdam and his partner, Dr. Arnold Weisgold. Our current doctors continue the same tradition of expertise and innovation in every patient they treat. Amsterdam Dental Group's patients aren't just getting dental work done -- they're getting a carefully crafted blend of science and art in dentistry.

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